Ntando plays key role in business side of his music

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

South Africa's top Afro-pop artist, Ntando Bangani, has joined EMI/CCP Records.

Ntando might not have won a Sama award this year, but the multi-award winner was described as "a great signing" by the EMI/CCP managing director Irving Schlosberg.

Schlosberg said the company was "absolutely delighted with Ntando's decision".

"Five years ago I was asked where I wanted to be in future and I said I wanted to be able to run my own career. That time has come," said Ntando.

Mike Maswanganyi, the record company's marketing director, said: "Ntando will assist with production while EMI/CCP will do the marketing, promotion and distribution."

According to the agreement between Ntando and EMI/CCP, the singer's albums will also be released by the recording company.

"It would be easier to stay in the comfort zone that I have been in.

"But I now want to be involved in the business side," Ntando said.

"I do not want to be told that a deal has been made on my behalf. I want to be involved in moving my career to a higher level.

"I am preparing an album that has the Ntando sound, but takes the notch up. You have to keep sharpening your game all the time."