Talent not a Soweto thing

Israel Nkate

Christian Faith Fellowship (CFF) in Mabele a Podi village in North West held a service "to identify and enhance youth talent" at the weekend.

The topic was Discovering Your Talent.

"We chose the topic to workshop the youth on talent. In most cases youth are having troubles in identifying their talent. Based on the questionnaires they filled in, it emerged that they were interested in music and acting," said Pastor Betty Kekana of the CFF.

"We are going to organise professionals in acting and music to motivate them."

Kekana said young people in rural areas think that "one has to be born in Soweto to have talent".

"People from rural areas also have talent. Instead of making use of their talents people moan about job scarcity. If they utilised their talent they can put bread on the table," she said.

Kekana said her church was working closely with the youth.

The church runs a feeding scheme project called fatlhoga, Setswana for rise.

It also runs a project to help children with their school work because most parents in the area are illiterate.