Ctepa are out of line

Cape Town is one of the cities that bid to host the 2004 Olympics Games.

Cape Town is one of the cities that bid to host the 2004 Olympics Games.

Nobody, including Green Point residents -- including those with a passion for environmental affairs - complained about anything.

Cape Town did (and still does) not have a state of the art soccer stadium to host an event of the Olympics' magnitude, meaning new ones were going to be built. I still maintain that the City of Cape Town did the right thing by building a new Green Point Stadium, rather than spending more money to upgrade the old one.

For the record, Cape Town is one of the nine cities selected by the Local Organising Committee to host the 2010 World Cup.

We are talking here about a historic event coming to Africa for the first time. This is an event that will see many South Africans, whites included, benefitting. I find it unacceptable that a handful of Green Point residents trying to hold South Africa and Africa to ransom.

It is now only in Cape Town where negative stories after another from obscure residents' structures are surfacing lately to block the World Cup. At first, we were told that certain residents were unhappy that the new Green Point Stadium will be built on a golf course.

Now the Cape Town Environmental Protection Association (Ctepa) are going to court today to stop the construction.

Ctepa filed an application in court last week, challenging the decision to make the Green Point Common the site of the 2010 stadium.The majority of South Africans, blacks to be specific, love soccer, but it is clear that there are certain individuals who want to deny Cape Town a World Cup taste.

I doubt if the same people would be rushing to the courts if it were a cricket, rugby, sailing, hockey or even bowling world cup.

Not so long ago residents near the Newlands Stadium complained about night soccer games, saying supporters were "too noisy". The majority of Capetonians cannot lose out on the 2010 World Cup, including a semifinal match, because of a handful spoilers. Hope somebody out there can knock some sense into these publicity-stunt seekers-cum-spoilers.