Clash of the titans

Canaan Mdletshe

Canaan Mdletshe

Jacob Zuma's legal team is expected to file papers today in the Durban high court against Judge Phillip Levensohn's ruling last week.

Levensohn granted the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) permission to seek access to a 2000 diary of Alain Thetard, the former chief executive of the Thales International South Africa.

The diary is believed to contain details of a meeting between Zuma, Thetard and Schabir Shaik. It is alleged during the meeting a R500000 bribe was discussed and agreed upon.

Zuma's lawyer, Michael Hurley, confirmed that they will be filing papers today.

"We will be filing them today and we will then wait for the court date," said Hurley.

He said they were positive that the decision would be reversed because "the judgment was wrong".

Meanwhile, Don Mkhwanazi, chairman of the Friends for Jacob Zuma Trust, denied media reports that the trust was riddled with debt.

"Reports that we are in financial crisis is not true. We never have been and will never be. We are still on track with our mandate of raising funds for Zuma's legal bills. We owe no one."

Mkhwanazi's statements come after artists who performed at a Pietermaritzburg concert to raise funds for Zuma complained of not being paid.

He said the trust did not organize any concert.

Mkhwanazi assured Zuma they would never leave him in the lurch.

"You are not alone, defeat and surrender are not on our vocabulary. We will die with you."