Stop using Zuma for own gain

It is a few months before the ANC national conference, where the organisation's new leadership will be elected.

But instead of preparing for the elections, some comrades within the ANC are focusing on nailing the ANC's deputy president, Jacob Zuma, right.

I believe comrades have to campaign fairly for them to be elected. They must stop capitalising on Zuma's shortcomings to realise their own goals.

The reality of the Zuma presidency is final making its mark and some prominent leaders do not like that.

These leaders have publicly said they have no confidence in Zuma's leadership.

They must stop that because they are unfairly using Zuma's name to campaign.

Let all comrades wait for June's ANC national policy conference. For now Zuma is the deputy president of the ANC and comrade Mbeki, the president of ANC.

Viwe Sidali, East London