Pregnant, afraid

Dear Sister Sledgehammer

I am 17 and in grade 11. I have been dating my boyfriend for two years. He works, but does not earn a big salary.

This week I went for a pregnancy test and it came back positive. I am terrified to tell my boyfriend and my parents. They have so much hope invested in my education.

My boyfriend will suggest that I have an abortion and my parents will say the same. I would rather keep the child. I know it will be difficult to be a young mom, but I want to have the child and complete school later.

I am so miserable.

Terrified Teen, Kempton Park

Speak to your boyfriend. If he is willing to meet his responsibilities as a parent, then sit down with your and his parents and come up with a solution that will be good for all, especially for the child. Let your parents know you are determined to finish school.

If your boyfriend does not want to continue with the relationship, he must pay maintenance. You cannot expect your parents to shoulder the burden, and you should find a job after the birth until you return to school.