Moving madness

Dear Sister Sledgehammer

Dear Sister Sledgehammer

My girlfriend and I have been dating for three years. I live in Johannesburg and she lives in Durban. I have decided to move to KwaZulu-Natal to be with her. I was lucky enough to get a transfer from June.

I worry if I will like working at the Durban office, if my new colleagues will like me, if my girlfriend will enjoy having me close to her, if I will make new friends, if I will miss my family and so on.

I love my girl and I want this to work.

Are my fears real, or am I being silly?

Sleepless, Johannesburg

Everyone who moves to another town or country has similar worries, but it is silly to torture yourself in this way.

Your relationship has kept going for a while, and that despite the distance. Your girlfriend wants you with her so use the closeness to take your love to new levels.

Your company believes you are a worthwhile employee and has given you a transfer. I am sure your girlfriend has a circle of friends and you will soon meet new people. Good luck with your new life.