Choosing a career is no joke

Elmarie Loubser

Elmarie Loubser

So you have written matric and now you want to choose a career and the relevant training. This is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

Damelin understands that a career choice affects all areas of your life.

Because Damelin has always been serious about providing a world-class education for its students, it has worked hard at developing Further Education and Training (FET) and Higher Education (HE) programmes that offer students practical skills for their prospective jobs.

You will also be far more marketable when you enter the job market if you have some experience.

Our colleges offer full and part-time courses at 44 campuses around the country.

You can choose from a certificate, short or a skills programme through the various schools: School of Business and Management, School of Leisure and Lifestyle, School of Media and Design Technology, School of Information and Technology, School of Banking and Insurance and School of Faculty of Commerce among others.

Nicola Young, academic head at Damelin, offers the following advice for students who wish to study further:

l Consider how much time you will have. Do you want to work and study part-time or do you want to study full-time?

Find out what educational opportunities are available. Many students only consider a theoretical type of education, but remember, skills-based training is also an option.

l Find out about the job trends in South Africa and abroad. Get as much information as possible on the kinds of education available and what the demands are in the market.

l Be financially realistic. Consider the costs involved in education such as deposits and registration fees.

l Choose an institution that offers a practical component to its courses. Make sure that the institution you choose is registered with the Department of Education and that your course is National Qualifications Framework accredited.

l Finally, and probably most importantly, try to choose a career in a field that you are really interested in. Eight hours a day for 40 years is a long and painful time to be doing something that does not interest you.