Radebe applauds Limpopo team

Selby Makgotho

Selby Makgotho

Acting Health Minister Jeff Radebe has congratulated the Limpopo provincial health team on being one of the best in the country, and also for its ability to lobby for resources on behalf of its people.

In a message read on his behalf during the official opening of the new R130million Lebowakgomo Hospital at the weekend, Radebe said congratulations came with a price.

"The catch is that you have set yourself high standards and you are expected to continue improving on your outputs in the hospital revitalisation programme," Radebe said in the message.

The new hospital was born out of the dilapidated Groothoek Hospital. The study commissioned by the provincial Health Department found that the buildings were no longer suitable to accommodate patients.

As part of the revitalisation programme, seven hospitals have been fully revamped in the last financial year. The seventh hospital - the New Jane Furse Hospital - has also been completed and will be officially opened in the near future.

Limpopo has spent about R650million on hospital revitalisation projects.

The new Lebowakgomo Hospital boasts 252 beds.

Radebe urged management to work closely with staff in the hospital to make the investment sustainable.

"We need to ensure community participation through the strengthening of the hospital board," he said.

It was also crucial that the communities served by the facilities be involved in monitoring, supporting and holding them accountable through the hospital board.

"The provincial Health Department has to help the members of the hospital boards with as much training as possible so they can efficiently dispatch their tasks," Radebe said.