Orlando Pirates fans cry fowl

Pumza Fihlani

Pumza Fihlani

Ardent Pirates' fan Motha Mfulwana is recovering in hospital after he was allegedly beaten up by "white bouncers" at Ellis Park Stadium on Sunday.

Mfulwana, who was admitted to the Selby Park Hospital in Johannesburg, said he and two friends were assaulted by stadium guards after the Sunday match between Pirates and Benoni Premiere United.

Mfulwana said: "I admit we had been rowdy during the game, but after we were reprimanded by five white guards we kept quiet and apologised. After the game the guards followed us.

"One called his colleagues and the next thing more than 10 huge guys surrounded us and asked us why we were standing on top of chairs during the game," he said.

"I apologised, but they did not accept the apology."

Mfulwana said a guard grabbed his friend, Zamuzi Mkhize, and all hell broke loose.

Mkhize, who lost two teeth, said he tried to defend himself, but he was overpowered.

Mkhize is the Orlando Pirates Johannesburg Central fan club's deputy secretary and said they would report the matter to team management.

Ellis Park group chief executive George Stainton denied that the men were assaulted and said they were caught vandalising the stadium and "should take responsibility for their actions".