New rules set to avoid mismatches

Bongani Magasela

Bongani Magasela

Boxing South Africa (BSA) sobered from the public's criticism levelled against its sanctioning committee which has allowed mismatches national title fights.

PRO Loyiso Mtya said the current system allowed anybody in the top 10 of the ratings a chance to fight, and this compromised the importance and value of their titles.

"The current process has gone unabated for a very long time," he said. "It resulted in the spectators' minds that unless BSA did something urgently to redress this futile situation, the noble art will be relegated to a secondary sport.

"Although it has not really lost its appeal in terms of physicality, atmosphere, entertainment and unpredictability, the core elements of its following, its power and charm has been replaced by other sports."

Mtya said views to remedy the situation had been expressed in many ways.

"While there is no definitive view on this issue, an evaluation of boxing and a quest for solutions must take place for boxing to regain its position as the second most popular sport in the country," he said.

Mtya said from June 1, boxers who wished to challenge for national titles must be rated on top or appear in the list as international campaigners and have beaten or drawn against other top 10 rated fighters in the last eight months.

He added that international campaigners must have won at least one of their last two fights.