Lady luck favours guards

Ntwaagae Seleka

Ntwaagae Seleka

Two security guards were lucky to escape with their lives after their vehicle was shot at and robbed.

The incident took place near Sharpeville, Vaal Rand, at about 7.20am yesterday.

The cash-in-transit vehicle was on its way from the Fidelity cash management depot in Vanderbijlpark to Vereeniging when it was attacked by 15 heavily-armed men.

The robbers used six vehicles and were reported to be armed with automatic rifles.

Police spokesman Captain Veli Mcera said that when the robbers opened fire on the Fidelity van the driver turned back towards Vanderbijlpark. He lost control of the cash-loaded vehicle and it sped towards a nearby dam where it stopped a few metres away from the water.

The driver was shot in the right leg.

Mcera said the robbers ordered the two security men out of the van.

"They ordered them to lie down, while they took the money from the vehicle," Mcera said.

No arrests have been made.