Bigotry beyond the pale

Joe Slovo must be turning in his grave.

Joe Slovo must be turning in his grave.

Thirteen years after the democracy he fought for, some whites are doing their damnedest to keep some places lily-white.

Struggle stalwarts Slovo, Helen Joseph and Beyers Naude immediately spring to mind because they were white. There were many others who joined their cause against white domination.

They were persecuted in their communities for being kaffir boeties. In some instances, like in the case of Slovo, apartheid agents made several attempts to eliminate them.

Today, however, they are among the celebrities of our struggle. Even many whites who swore by apartheid finally realised they were right.

Most South Africans are in fact shocked to hear or witness discrimination based on skin colour.

That is why we are disgusted at the racist and alleged violent conduct of a certain Zonja Hubner and her cohorts in Krugersdorp.

Hubner was shocked to discover that a housing agency has let her flat to a black family. It was enough for her to tell the Mofokengs that "this is not Mandela's place".

We think nothing short of legislation against the so-called freedom of choice will stop this lunatic fringe.

Otherwise, race relations could become compromised as they were in the bad old days of apartheid.