'Money, BMW for murder'

MURDER ACCUSED: Kgomotso Tladi outside Middleburg high court. Pic. McKeed Kotlolo. © Sowetan.
MURDER ACCUSED: Kgomotso Tladi outside Middleburg high court. Pic. McKeed Kotlolo. © Sowetan.

McKeed Kotlolo

McKeed Kotlolo

The widow of slain Limpopo pharmacist Andrew Tladi promised to pay the man who allegedly shot and killed her husband "a lot of money" and buy him a BMW.

Gilbert Makhobela, one of the accused in the murder trial told the Middleburg high court yesterday Kgomotso Tladi had made the promise about two weeks after the alleged murder.

He told the court he was misled by one of his co-accused, Samson Mogalaka to go to Polokwane on December 3 2004.

Makhobela, Kgomotso, Eva Sithole and Mogalaka have pleaded not guilty to kidnapping Andrew Tladi in Polokwane on December 3 2004, bundling him into his car and shooting him dead.

Yesterday Makhobela said Mogalaka had asked that he accompany him to collect people from Ga-Mamabolo for a wedding in Mamelodi, Pretoria.

He was driving and drinking during the trip. He was with Mogalaka and Gustav Snyman, who has since turned state witness.

He was surprised when Mogalaka asked him to stop the kombi near the flat of Kgomotso's husband, Tladi in Polokwane. Both Snyman and Mogalaka alighted and left.

He stayed in the car and fell asleep. Gustav later returned and knocked on the window and told him they should drive away.

They received a phone call from Mogalaka later and drove back. They parked near the gate of Tladi's flat.

Gustav alighted and assisted Mogalaka to open the gate.

Both Mogalaka and Gustav then drove out in Tladi's car while he followed. After about 20km they stopped and he was asked to drive Tladi's car.

Mogalaka drove back in the kombi to Tladi's residence. All three later met at Marble Hall where Makhobela heard someone groaning from the boot of the car, and complaining that he was injured.

Cross examined by state advocate Thembeni Maenga, Makhobela said he told person in the boot not to worry because they were going to take him to hospital.

Mogalaka then handed him and Gustav a firearm and ordered them to kill the man in the boot of the car.

They both refused. He said Mogalaka then threatened Snyman by pointing the firearm at him.

The court heard that Mogalaka then walked towards the boot, opened it and shot Tladi dead.

Makhobela said about two weeks after the incident he and Mogalaka went to Sithole's place where they found Tladi's widow.

"Kgomotso promised to give Mogalaka a lot of money and to also buy him a BMW 330 series", he told the court.

Makhobela said he was not promised anything and he got nothing from Tladi's widow.

In closing arguments yesterday, Maenga asked the court to convict all the accused except Snyman.

Snyman had earlier told the court Mogalaka was the one who killed Tladi with the firearm.

The defence is expected to submit its closing arguments today.