Ferguson not robbed: CGA

Ramatsiyi Moholoa

Ramatsiyi Moholoa

Central Gauteng Athletics yesterday denied that they stripped Allan Ferguson of the number one licence in favour of Leonard Chuene.

Chuene is the president of Athletics South Africa, who by virtue of being a Johannesburg citizen, is affiliated to CGA.

There was a huge outcry two weeks ago that Chuene unfairly used his influence to acquire the number one licence when he registered.

Snowy Matthews, CGA president, said: "Allan has always had the number one licence, his number had a laurel around it to differentiate between the two.

"The CGA board decided about six years ago to honour Chuene with a plain number one for his continuous contribution to athletics in the province and country.

"Chuene did not rob anyone of his number one licence number, but it was a provincial decision to honour him.

"Therefore two number ones were allocated by CGA, which explains the number one to Chuene and number one to Ferguson with the laurel around the number.

"The allegations made by the third force in the media are not true. The president of ASA has never robbed Allan of the number one licence. "We find it strange that the issue is only raised now; we suspect that there might be a third force that don't want to see transformation in our sport," added Matthews.