Transport action plan on track

RamatsiyI Moholoa

RamatsiyI Moholoa

Jeff Radebe, the minister of transport, is delighted that the implementation of the 2010 Transport Action Plan to prepare for the World Cup is well on track.

"While most of the host cities were busy with detailed planning and designing in the last year, some have already started the implementation of physical projects."

The projects identified by Radebe are aimed to transport our visitors and all South Africans. They will include the following:

l Public transport links and facilities, public transport interchange facilities, rail infrastructure and systems upgrade, non-motorised infrastructure, airport to city transport, accommodation, stadium links, stadium precinct upgrades and travel demand management schemes;

l The next focus will be on operational planning, a process that will need to be finalised by 2008 to allow time for testing and fine-tuning the systems in time for the Confederations Cup in 2009 and then the main event in 2010.

"As we anticipate an increased influx of the 2010 Soccer World Cup visitors, the department of transport is ensuring that the modes of transport that include air, buses, taxis and trains will be fully operational by 2010.

"It is critical that all participants and visitors to the 2010 Soccer World Cup be accommodated in their movement from hotels to stadiums effectively.

"Most South Africans are excited about us hosting the World Cup event. The 2010 World Cup is a major milestone in our history and marks the beginning of a major revolution in South Africa's transport system," said Radebe.