Promises, filth pile up

Sakhile Mokoena

Rubbish and filth piling up in the streets Mpumalanga's capital, Nelspruit, are the result of inadequate municipal garbage removal services.

Mbombela municipality, which administers the city and nearby towns, has admitted there is a huge backlog in its service delivery efforts.

But municipal spokesman Vusi Sibiya laid the blame for the shortfall in municipal services on a shortage of manpower and other resources, and accused hawkers and hobos who sleep on the streets of dirtying the town.

He promised that the municipality would rectify the situation, but did not give a time frame.

"The municipality is aware of the problem and something will be done to correct the situation," Sibiya said.

Nelspruit's filthy appearance has sullied the achievements of another Mpumalanga are, the Steve Tshwete municipality of Middelburg, which was judged second runner up in the national cleanest town competition.

Agriculture and land administration MEC, Dina Pule, called on other towns, Nelspruit included, to follow Steve Tshwete's example by managing waste and planting trees.

Pule encouraged communities to recycle and make money from waste.

"Every family should plant at least one fruit tree to contribute to the greening of Mpumalanga," she said.

The cleanest town competition aims to encouraging municipalities to manage waste.