DJs and others in Durbs

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

The third Southern African Music Conference will be held at The Playhouse in Durban from April 2 to 4.

It was pioneered by Christos, Fresh, Oskido, The Maestro and Vinny da Vinci, a team of leading deejays, musicians, producers and media personalities, who were inspired by an international conference.

The conference is more than a talk shop for DJs and producers.

It is a critical platform for Southern African dance music industry practitioners to keep pace with, and even lead, global developments.

Exposing delegates to new ideas, the conference features workshops and seminars that focus on building skills around crafting music.

Delegates will also learn more about maximising commercial and other value in the music industry.

Exhibitors such as sound equipment manufacturers, record companies and dance culture marketers will showcase the latest technology and provide useful information to delegates.

Leading South African and four international DJ-producers - DJ Spinna, Franck Roger, Osunalde and Quentin Harris - will make presentations.

Registration is R250 and is limited to 1000 delegates