Khoza accused of stabbing man

Riot Hlatshwayo

Gun-toting and knife-wielding Mpumalanga councillor Albert Khoza has been fired.

It is the second time that the Bushbuckridge municipality expels Khoza.

Last year this former ANC councillor was fired from the council after he stood in local government elections as an independent candidate against the ANC.

Khoza was back in the council after he successfully campaigned in the elections.

Last week, the municipality decided to expel him after he was found guilty on seven charges by an internal disciplinary hearing.

The hearing recommended that he be fired after finding him guilty of charges including organising a march against the municipality, speaking to the media without permission, pointing a firearm and stabbing a member of the community.

Khoza is accused of pointing a firearm at Willies Khoza in June, and of stabbing Rex Mgiba during a community meeting on July 8 last year.

Municipal spokesman Zondi Mkhabela confirmed Khoza's expulsion and said it had happened after a long process that involved lawyers from both parties.

"The decision was taken after recommendations from the hearing were accepted," said Mkhabela.

Khoza was also found guilty of interfering in the management and administration of council.

He had given council officials instructions to perform duties in his ward which were neither budgeted for nor were part of the municipality's integrated development plan.

"The plan is a blueprint guiding service delivery.

"If a councillor engages officials to provide services that are not budgeted for, it constitutes financial misconduct," said Mkhabela.

Khoza was also found guilty of contravening the council's code of conduct after speaking to the media without permission.

Mkhabela said, according to the municipality's code of conduct, no councillor can issue media statements on behalf of the council without the council's permission.

The disciplinary hearing also found him guilty of "organising a community march against the municipality without its authority, thereby bringing the credibility and integrity of the municipality into disrepute.

"This is as good as contradicting oneself because the march was against the same decisions Khoza took."

Khoza refused to comment because "there was still a long process that needed to be followed before I can say a word".