Days have dawned

Speaking about Mutombo, we are told that the "think tank" at his former club, Black Leopards, is hard at work trying to coin a new slogan for the Limpopo outfit.

The reason for the change, we are told, is because the current slogan, "Lidoda Duvha", which means "the day will come" in Tshivenda, has, if you like, seen better days.

In fact, it was rendered irrelevant the day Tshifhiwa Thidiela, the chief executive of the club, announced his engagement to vivacious singer Madima Maduvha. As you probably know, Maduvha means "days" in Tshivenda.

Surely it no longer makes sense for Black Leopards to continue chanting the "day will come" when "days" actually dawned the day Tshifhiwa said "I do" to his sweetheart.