Hubby killer gets life in jail

Thozi Manyisana

Thozi Manyisana

"It is distressing that violence is being increasingly employed in resolving domestic affairs," said Bhisho high court judge Yusuf Ebrahim, handing down a life sentence to an Alice teacher and two of her husband's killers this week.

Judith Ntombebani Javu-Mahanjana, 49, a Ntselamanzi Primary School teacher, hired two youths to murder her husband, Thomas, two years ago .

The couple were divorcing when the husband received a severance payment. The wife believed her husband was squandering the money.

She believed that she would lose a lot of money if she and her husband were to share their assets because they had married in community of property - so she conspired to have him killed.

Sentencing Javu-Mahanjana, her hired killers, Melvin Wynkwardt, 25, and his cousin, Gordon Wynkwardt, 33, to life imprisonment for the murder, Ebrahim said the accused "showed no remorse".

He described the murder as brutal and premeditated.

Ebrahim also sentenced the three to 10 years' imprisonment for kidnapping. Gordon Wynkwardt was sentenced to one year in jail for stealing the dead man's cellphone.

Javu-Mahanjana's boyfriend, Martin September, 40, was sentenced to 10 years in jail for being an accessory to the kidnapping and another two years for being an accessory to the assault.