Skin clinic promises a peaches and cream skin, writes Amanda Ngudle

Women and a growing number of men spend a fortune in the quest for a flawless skin. A healthy, glowing, tight, moisturised and blemish-free skin says you are young, you take care of yourself and you are gorgeous.

Sufferers from bad skin are told to fight skin ailments by being professionals themselves and to take things in their stride if they don't have enough cash.

But the Danne Montague-King skin clinic sings a different tune.

The treatment at Danne Montague-King, named after its US founder, is very simple. It says skin works best when treated with chemistry that the skin recognises. The skin recognises its own chemistry - the kind that is natural in its composure, ingredients and allocation of different elements.

King says: "There are no secret formulae, no special techniques from abroad and no miracle scientific breakthroughs. There are only the dictates of your own body's chemistry, as closely as possible, that provide the ideal environment for healthy skin."

Our harsh climate and a skin that has been subjected to almost every toxin and chemical under the sun is not a problem according to a therapist.

"The treatment will be put into four different categories; remove, rebuild, protect and maintain," said Najma Khan, the paramedical dermal therapist at the clinic.

The first remove stage of my enzyme skin therapy was a process of gently cleansing the build up of dead cells that had manifested in break outs, uneven skin tone and a generally ugly skin.

The smell was so poignant, I blurted out that I recognised the product from its smell. I was told that the smell was that of my toxins, even from inside.

"The Danne products are so natural they have no smell," Khan said.

The rebuilding session was the most intense. I could feel my skin coming back to life and reverberating as if I had been jogging.

Khan said a young skin had two important glands, the sebaceous and the sudoriferous glands, to its advantage. Both supply highly fractionated oil to the skin's surface. These secretions blend together and form our natural acid mantle, nature's only real moisturiser. The Danne system imitates these secretions in rebuilding aging and dehydrated skin.

The protection stage involved a process of shielding my skin from the sun, free radicals and stress factors caused by environmental damage and lifestyle trauma.

The maintenance part is my onus to make sure that I follow up on the foundation that has been laid.

The treatment range "seals everything that was performed at the clinic and the results manifest and progress over a few days after visiting the clinic," said Khan.

Over 12 days, my skin has been performing a reversal osmosis that had it looking like it could shame the likes of model Nzinga Qunta.

Montague-King's clientele include actors Brad Pitt and Cindy Crawford, Jordan's Queen Noor and members of the royal families of Brunei, Thailand and Norway.