Entertaining futuristic detective novel where not much has changed

Book: Innocent In Death

Book: Innocent In Death

Author: Nora Roberts

Publisher: Piatkus

Review: Nthabisang Moreosele

This is a futuristic detective novel set in the 2050s - well after the 2010 World Cup.

It stars a female lieutenant, Eve Dallas, who is married to a billionaire who was a former thief. The two are an unbeatable combination which further enhances the detective's reputation.

The action takes place in a posh private school where teachers are knocked off with exotic poisons. There are suspects aplenty behind the school's facade of respectability.

Complications arise when the main suspect, a suave Lothario who has cut a swath through the school, is also murdered.

The future does not seem to have changed much from our days except for a few communication gadgets. The laws of evidence seem to have been relaxed in favour of the state and this greatly helps the investigation along.

There is an old flame who comes between the sleuthing pair, which distracts them from quickly solving the murders.

The top brass try to stop Dallas when she comes up with an improbable suspect. Luckily, the suspect cooks her own goose by trying to knock off a third victim.

The story is entertaining, the detective believable except for a few quirks. I have yet to meet someone so totally unmoved by the seduction of wealth.

The sweet denouement rounds out the story satisfactorily, though it is doubtful that the law defending the suspects' rights can have been curtailed so drastically.