But the book caters for all the needs of a tourist

Book: Under The Sway

Book: Under The Sway

Author: Justin Fox

Publisher: Umuzi

Reviewer: Boitumelo Lalela

Justin Fox is a seasoned travel writer and photographer for an established travel magazine.

His book, Under the Sway, is a true reflection of the man's background.

In Under the Sway Foxexposes the beauty of Mozambique through pictures of such clarity that you get drawn into a visual interpretation of the country though you have never been there.

His journey starts from the deep south, ending in the wild north.

Pictures of the ruins of the old Portuguese colonial government buildings remain a big attraction.

The photographs also tell stories - such as fishermen getting ready in the morning to go fishing and coming back with their catch of the day.

The day's catch ends up in the marketplace where women sell it to locals and tourists.

Fox, like travel writers before him, truly recognises the beauty of Mozambique's beaches.

At Pagne beach, Makua women are pictured with their faces smeared with paste made from the powdered bark of the nciro tree.

The colourful portraits of an African Zionist baptism ceremony at Maputo Bay touches on the religious aspect of the country.

Fox's journey ends at Inhambane, the home town of Graca Machel.

After reading this book and looking at its pictures, I cannot wait to pack my bag and go to Mozambique and experience it for myself.

Though the book serves its purpose, I would have preferred it if the photographs and the stories were those of a Mozambican.

A local touch would have made the invitation to Maputo warmer.

Another downside is that the book is not artistic so much as a travelogue of information a tourist could use.

This book portrays Mozambique as a country where the beaches are the main attraction.