Beware strangers with job offers

Sne Masuku

Police in KwaZulu-Natal have issued a warning to the public not to trust strangers who offer them jobs.

The warning follows the disappearance of a Durban woman more than a month ago after telling friends a man had promised her a job.

Zuzile Tshongaye, 29, left her waterfront lodge on January 27 to meet a man only known as Thokozani. The man had promised her a job.

No one has heard from her since. Now her former boyfriend and sister fear the worst could have happened to her.

Her sister Sana said she called Tshongaye's cellphone and a woman who introduced herself only as Mamzangwa answered the phone.

She claimed to have found Tshongaye's cellphone in bushes near Port St Johns on the Wild Coast.

"She claimed to have nothing to do with my sister's disappearance.

"Before I could ask her more, she said the cell phone battery was low and I got cut off," said Sana.

Tshongaye's former boyfriend Sacchi Makwela said: "She called me at midnight before she left, but because I was sleeping I missed the call. She probably wanted to tell me that she was leaving. I would have advised her not to trust strangers," he said.

"Why could she leave with someone she hardly knew? She was desperate to find a job," he said

Police said they were investigating the case.