Western Cape ANC denies R24m gift

Waghied Misbach

Waghied Misbach

The ANC in the Western Cape has rejected claims that it received R24million from the slain mining magnate Brett Kebble, claiming that the amount it received was less than R1million.

ANC spokesman Garth Strachan said yesterday that it had demonstrated to the curators of the Kebble estate that it had received about R800000 in separate donations.

The party also stands by its decision not to pay back the money.

"The money was donated long before Kebble was sequestrated or declared insolvent," Strachan told Sowetan yesterday.

"It was one of many other donations that the ANC in the Western Cape received at that time and was treated in the same manner as the others."

Strachan said the money had been used to restore the electricity and telephone lines in the ANC's office after it was cut off because of non-payment.

The party's secretary Mcebesi Skwatsha, who appeared before the sequestration hearing at the Wynberg Court last year, said at the weekend that the party would not pay back the money.

The trustees of the Kebble estate had called for the money to be returned.

The DA recently returned the R250000 that Kebble donated to it.

The party also called for a commission of inquiry into the R24million allegedly owed by the ANC.

"Until and if the matter of the legal status of donations by Mr Kebble is further clarified by the legal process, we will regard the funds as donated without any strings attached, as a donation like the many others received at the time.

"The Democratic Alliance is being disingenuous in its call for a commission of inquiry. The ANC rejects the call," said Strachan.

The Sunday Times reported that Kebble's estate had in November issued notices demanding that the ANC in the Western Cape pay back R24million.

Strachan said that the R24million might refer to money donated to other parts of the party, including to the ANC Youth League.

The trustees are also after R6million from the ANC Youth League and R860000 from Songezo Mjongile, a league executive member and convenor of its Western Cape provincial structure.