Alleged serial rapist phoned her asking for forgiveness

Khanyisile Nkosi

Khanyisile Nkosi

A well-known actress in the television soapie Muvhango yesterday told of how alleged serial rapist Mongezi Jinxela repeatedly asked for forgiveness shortly after he raped her.

The actress was the 40th rape victim to testify against Jinxela in the Johannesburg high court yesterday.

The actress, 26, said she was still a student when Jinxela allegedly raped her in bushes on July 27 1999.

She said she was walking in Meredale, south of Johannesburg, from school when Jinxela approached her with a job offer.

He told her that his employer at a sportswear shop was urgently looking for people to hire and she expressed interest.

She told the court that they were walking in an open veld and there was a wall not far from where they were walking that they had to jump over.

"We were about to jump the wall and he offered to help me. Instead, he grabbed me and when I asked him to put me down he told me to shut up. When I asked him what was going on he told me to undress," the woman said.

She said on realising what was about to happen, she decided to comply to save her life.

"I decided to play along because I was afraid that he was going to kill me. He made me lie down and pulled down my panties from one leg. He lowered his pants and climbed on top of me.

"As I said, I was playing along so I asked him to kiss me so I that I could be aroused. He did kiss me. He smelled of cigarettes. As he was raping me he kept on saying that I was beautiful. He asked that I help him thrust along with him. When I stopped he said I must go on."

She said when Jinxela was done he robbed her of her phone card.

The woman said she later bumped into him at C-Max Prison, where she had gone to visit her then boyfriend.

"I greeted him and asked him if he remembered me. He said no," said the actress.

She said Jinxela then started calling her on her cellphone asking for forgiveness.

"He asked me to drop the charges and not testify against him. He said that there were people outside that I could talk to to settle the matter out of court.

"He called again last year in October and asked me to come to court whenever he appeared. He told me that it didn't matter even if I testified against him," said the actress.

Jinxela's representative, advocate Harold Knopp said his client would deny knowing the actress.

The trial continues.