Dad kick kids outof house

Tebogo Monama

A man who allegedly abandoned his family 14 years ago has resurfaced and kicked his children out of their home.

In 1993 Frans MacKenzie left his wife, 50-year-old Johanna, who has since died, with eight children and never looked back until a month ago when he showed up on their doorstep and asked them to leave the house.

MacKenzie is claimed to have given his children until April 15 to leave. His children, who have been paying the bond ever since their mother's death in 1999 are devastated.

They claim that their efforts to open a case against him at the Sophiatown police station were unsuccessful.

Though three of the man's children have since relocated to Cape Town, the other five, together with their own children, occupy the Bosmont house, west of Johannesburg.

According to one of his children, Yvonne, 35, on Sunday night she and her 14-year-old son Dominic had to spend the night on the street.

She claimed that her crime was that she had stood up to her father.

"Our mother died in 1999. We looked for our father and even made announcements on the radio, but he never came. We have been living in this house for more than 30 years," said a tearful Yvonne.

Her sister Joanne, 45, who has also been paying the bond, said: "He has threatened to kill Yvonne if she comes back to the house."

Yvonne said when her father chased her and her son out of the Bosmont house she called the Sophiatown police.

"When they came to the house they didn't even listen to my story," said an angry Yvonne.

Johannesburg police media liaison officer, Sergeant Sanku Tsunke, said the family must contact the Sophiatown station commander.

Yesterday Yvonne and Dominic returned to the house, but her father allegedly assaulted his grandson.

Efforts to reach MacKenzie were fruitless. When Sowetan went to look for him at the house he wasn't there. His children don't have his telephone number because he has refused to give it to them.