Cleaning formula BP Ultimate keeps engines clean and efficient

BP Ultimate's powerful cleaning formula can help cut down the time taxi drivers spend polishing their engines.

BP Ultimate's powerful cleaning formula can help cut down the time taxi drivers spend polishing their engines.

This is according to new tests done on a vehicle similar to those used by most South African mini-bus drivers.

Tests done by the Centre for Automotive Engineering (CAE) on the Toyota Hi-Ace, a vehicle driven by most South African taxi operators, show that regular use of BP Ultimate will keep an engine as good as new.

The CAE is an independent and highly-rated testing company.

Gerry Mohamed, BP's technical manager for fuels, says an additional benefit of the fuel's exceptional cleaning power and friction reducing properties is improved fuel consumption.

"The fuel has been specially formulated to remove performance-robbing deposits that accumulate in engines over time," he says.

"The cleaner your engine, the better your performance and fuel efficiency.

"Numerous tests done oversees and locally on small to large engine capacities show that BP Ultimate can deliver up to 25km more a tank."

Not only will taxi drivers save on fuel but engine life will also be extended because there will be less dirt and wear on engine components.

Recent tests run by BP South Africa were specifically done to establish the cleaning strength of BP Ultimate.

The tests were conducted on a used Hi-Ace with a considerable amount of mileage on the clock.

Mohamed says: "We wanted to see what impact the fuel [BP Ultimate] would have on this specific carburetor-type engine and tried to simulate the typical routes that a taxi operator would take by combining urban, rural and stop-start driving.

"We took regular, unleaded fuel and ran the Hi-Ace for a further 10000km to 'dirty it up' even more. After this, the engine was taken apart and each valve was weighed to document the amount of carbon build-up.

"The next sequence of the test was to change over the fuel to BP Ultimate and see how effective it would be in cleaning the valves.

"After a further 10000km the valves were weighed again, which showed considerably less carbon build-up. But more significantly, after only another 5000km , the inlet valves showed 98percent less build-up, leaving the components almost completely clean.

"BP Ultimate contains significantly more cleaning power than ordinary fuels, which means even the most stubborn deposits can be removed."

In essence, BP Ultimate cleans your engine as you drive, allowing it to run more efficiently, which helps you get more kilometers a tank of fuel. This is good news for drivers.