Three bullets down woman

Sne Masuku

Sne Masuku

Police expect to make an arrest soon in connection with the close range shooting of an Umlazi, Durban, woman on Sunday.

The 29-year-old woman was killed on Sunday night shortly after receiving a call on her cellphone.

Witnesses said Thabisile Hadebe, pictured, had just hung up after she had had a long conversation on her cellphone and then went outside.

She was sprayed with three bullets fired at close range.

Two of the bullets lodged in her left shoulder and the third hit her in the eye. No one saw the attacker.

Hadebe's aunt, who did not want to be named, said yesterday that she was working night shift when she received a phone call that her niece had been shot.

"It looks like someone had called my niece and asked for her to come outside," the aunt said.

She believes her niece's death is linked to an ongoing dispute between her niece and a man.

She said Hadebe had opened a case against the man for pointing a firearm at her about two weeks ago.

The man and his family had been coming to the aunt to ask her to convince Hadebe to withdraw the case against him.

"Each time I would tell them that it was not for me to tell my niece what to do because she was the victim, not me," she said.

The distraught aunt said that over the past few months things had turned so bad between Hadebe and the man that her niece had sought a protection order against him.

"On Friday she was escorted by the police to serve him with a protection order, and a day later she was dead," said the aunt.

Police spokesman Lungile Jama said Hadebe's body was found by the police in a pool of blood near her home. He said the woman's body had three bullet wounds in it.

"No one has been arrested in connection with Hadebe's killing.

"Police are still investigating a case of murder and hope to make arrests soon," said Jama.