Fired nurses in fraud claim

Sne Masuku

Sne Masuku

Dismissed nurses in KwaZulu-Natal are angry and have accused provincial hospital officials of corruption.

They claim that some dismissed nurses were allegedly given their jobs back after being fired for going on an illegal strike two months ago.

The Health Department fired more than 700 nurses for demanding rural allowances. But the department has denied the nurses claims.

The dismissed nurses, who will appear before a tribunal to decide if they were dismissed fairly, said that some nurses at Prince Mshiyeni Hospital in Durban and Edendale Hospital in Pietermaritzburg have been given their jobs back without the department's permission.

The jobless nurses claim that their colleagues bribed hospital officials to get their jobs back.

Makhehla Nyandu, spokesman for the KwaZulu-Natal nurses committee, said he had proof that some nurses at Edendale and other hospitals who were dismissed are now back at work.

He said that the process was unfair.

"There has been no tribunal at Edendale, but already some nurses are back at work."

Department spokesman Chris Maxon dismissed the allegations.

"Some nurses came through employment agencies, but it does not mean that they have their jobs back. They are out of work until they appear before the tribunal."