Should I askhim out or wait?

Dear Sister Sledgehammer

Dear Sister Sledgehammer

I am a Zulu-speaking woman aged 19. I am a born-again Christian with one child. I broke up with my baby's father about a year ago. After that I started to attend an Indian church and I met this Indian guy. I have fallen in love with him and I don't want to go out with anybody else who asks me out. In November a friend of his told me that he is also in love with me.

He is always asking me about ilobolo and his friends call me Mrs, with his surname. His sisters call me their sister-in-law. Should I ask him out or should I wait for the right time?


You should ask him out. What have you got to lose? The right time is now.

Call him and ask him out for coffee or a drink. Tell him how you feel and ask him how he feels about you. If he feels the same way, ask him what future he wants with you. Does he want to marry you or does he just want to keep things the way they are?

If his intentions are serious, ask him to approach your family for their permission to marry you and to determine ilobolo.

If he is not serious, then it is best you let go right now and move on before your heart is broken. I wish you luck and hope that he is your Mr Right.