Cars sold under the hammer for unbeatable value

Eugene Goddard

Buying a car is an expensive business. Many people believe that the only way to go about it is to a buy a brand new car on hire purchase or a second hand one with a bank loan.

That's okay if you're willing to carry the load of interest-laden repayments - but there is another way.

Aucor's car auctions, at which super sedans, 4X4s, LDVs and other run-arounds regularly come under the hammer hold many benefits for buyers who prefer affordability over the strain of repayments.

Car-auction expert Mark Nossel said: "Buying cars at auctions is a good idea for many reasons. Nowhere else is a sale sealed faster than at auctions.

"We sell voetstoots, so what you see is what you get.

"Many people mistakenly think that our cars cannot be trusted, but the livelihood of our industry depends on us ensuring that ever more people cross our threshold. That's why we sell stock that is a good match between reliability and affordability.

"Moreover, the best benefit of buying at auctions is that you decide on the price. You determine the initial value of what you want to buy and, if you really want it, you'll outbid the competition. In the end, the car you bought, in spite of the competitive bidding, is still a whole lot less expensive," Nossel said.

On Tuesday Aucor will hold a salvage vehicle auction at 891 Golden Drive, Morehill, Benoni, Gauteng.

Nossel said the auctions at which accident-damaged and insurance-recovered vehicles are auctioned are ideal for buyers who need convenience or light, functional transport.

"The prices are unbeatable."

Aucor's repossessed vehicle auctions have grown in turnout and turnover in the past few years. Its Cape Town branches posted phenomenal returns last year, turning over R49million in a single day at a DaimlerChrysler auction.

Recently Aucor's Durban branch signed a major pioneering deal with Absa's Trade Centre. According to this new venture, cars will be sold at auctions and by tender. The aim is to establish which method is the more profitable for Aucor's client.

Aucor and Absa hope that by the end of the year the auction-tender experiment will reveal a pattern that will guide the business partners to the best way ahead.

On Wednesday Aucor Durban will hold an auction of repossessed cars at 78 Willowfield Crescent, Springfield Park. A range of late- and early-model cars and LDVs will be auctioned.

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