Powerful businesswomen make their way to Africa

Staff Reporter

Staff Reporter

A group of 300 of the world's most powerful businesswomen are headed for South Africa in September for the Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World summit. This is the first time it will be held in Africa.

Chairman and chief executive Cheryl Womack said: "It is significant that South Africa is hosting this summit because the country has emerged as a leading player in the global economy."

A recent Global Entrepreneurship Monitor study found that South Africa's women entrepreneurs were performing better than their male counterparts on the world stage and could be the key to unlocking economic growth in the country if better and more targeted support was made available.

South Africa's women entrepreneurs ranked 23 out of 42 countries, and the country ranked 30 overall.

Anna Mokgokong, executive chairman of Community Investment Holdings, will be the honorary chair of this year's world summit.