Women also need the odd dop to save their sanity, Trevor

Watch out Trevor Manuel because you have seriously tarnished your rising-star status.

Watch out Trevor Manuel because you have seriously tarnished your rising-star status.

While everyone is praising your latest budget, you have seriously upset some of your constituents.

Last Wednesday we passed an unsteady looking lady trying to cross the street against the traffic. We were shocked that a woman could be sloshed so early in the morning.

The new man who joined us a month ago started on how women had lost their moral values, were lousy mothers and did not know their proper place in the grand scheme of things.

All the women - about 11 out of 15 the passengers in the taxi - rolled their eyes at each other, but kept their peace.

He said women were leeches and gold diggers whose only interest was money. He said women were drunks who failed to build proper families.

He said Nelson Mandela had corrupted our society by giving women the vote and equality with men. He said he was going to the rural area to find himself a suitable wife.

We all looked at him with pity. We realised that he had failed to make the grade with the urban girls and was resorting to the old-age trick of hunting in new territory where he was not known to be a loser.

But Auntie Emma, our blonde-wigged 60-something, told him to stop spouting rubbish.

She said she still had to hold down a job because her husband insisted on "guarding the house". She told him to check with the taxi driver whether he carried more men or women passengers at rush hour.

The driver wisely kept his head down. He was not about to support his fellow male against a taxi-load of angry women.

Auntie Emma said the queues were full of women who go out to work while their husbands "looked after the house". Looking after the house does not mean cleaning, cooking or doing laundry.

Our facts and figures lady - Ous Stella, the statistician - joined in and said more women looked after their families than men do. Women will do any type of work to keep the wolf from the door.

Apparently men refuse to work for peanuts, they would rather starve. They prefer top-end jobs in areas with up-market postal codes rather than work in places called Industria. Sandton sounds much better.

Men stop looking for jobs after they have been rejected five or six times. They won't lower their standards for anything less than a collar-and-tie job.

The grumbling took a queer turn when the women said Trevor Manuel did not know all the facts before raising sin taxes. He should have exempted the ladies' social clubs and savings societies. They said that a drink now and then restored their sanity and stopped them from kicking the security guards out of their homes.

Auntie Emma said she would have to give her husband more money for his dop during his security break with the other fellows. She said Trevor Manuel had seriously spoilt her budget.