Maggs eases into the hot slot

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

Yesterday could not have been a worse day for Jeremy Maggs, the new presenter of the 6am to 9am slot on SA FM previously hosted by veteran John Perlman.

For starters, Maggs had to acknowledge his predecessor's robust style of debating and that his contribution to radio discourse was impeccable.

Secondly, he asked diehard Perlman listeners to give him a chance.

"John is gone but the show goes on. I hope the discussions on this show will continue to be interesting. However, I am asking listeners to give me a chance," said a self-effacing Maggs.

He might not be Perlman but he showed some brilliance despite the hiccups when listeners tried to phone in and Maggs had to apologise for this at least four times.

SABC spokesman Kaizer Kganyago yesterday said a decision had not yet been reached on who would be hosting the slot permanently.

"Jeremy has taken over the slot until such time as a decision has been made about who will be its permanent host," he said.

The new line-ups for all SABC radio slots are due next month.