Ayob claims Madiba is out to get him

Waghied Misbach

Waghied Misbach

Lawyer Ismail Ayob has settled out of court to pay Nelson Mandela's family trust more than R700000, but the real cost to the man who once ran the affairs of the iconic leader is bitterness and anger in place of their once close friendship.

In an apparent turnaround, Ayob has accused Mandela of waging a vendetta against him. This comes in the wake of having earlier - as part of the settlement - apologised publicly to Mandela for defamatory remarks and paid R790 000 to Mandela's trust fund.

The trust fund was set up for the benefit of the Mandela children and grandchildren. Ayob was not available for further comment yesterday.

On Friday Ayob reportedly told Radio 702's John Robbie that he stood by claims that Mandela had a vendetta against him and stood by his claims that the former president had evaded taxes from the proceeds of his books and artworks sold overseas.

Ayob also claimed that President Thabo Mbeki had tried to stop Mandela from taking legal action against him.

Ayob reportedly also said the elder statesman was losing his memory by not being able to remember agreements.