Mr Smooth cleans out more women

Amanda Ngudle

Amanda Ngudle

To catch a thief you need to make a noise. That is if the reactions of Sowetan readers are anything to go by.

So far four women have phoned Sowetan after this week's expose on Mr Smooth.

They claimed to have been this smooth talker's victims. They all agree the description given was accurate.

"But the three features that stood out for me were his patience, a beauty spot and beautiful Asian kind of eyes. He is a 'diva'," said Nkuli Mkhonto .

Mkhonto said Mr Smooth was so cultured she made up her mind on the spot that he was 'the one'.

"He took me shopping shortly after meeting him," she recalled.

Smooth rolled out the red carpet for Mkhonto to shop to her heart's content.

"I chose two pairs of shoes and a pair of formal pants."

A retail chain store employee at the Glen Mall said she had seen the sorry likes of Mkhonto come and go.

"This guy leaves them crying. There's nothing we can do because this man is just so sophisticated and they do not report him to us," he said.

Roy Licht, the Glen's centre manager, said he could help the victims track down Mr Smooth through the mall's camera footages.