SSA ropes Bojanala into the fold

Linda Moreotsene

Linda Moreotsene

Softball South Africa (SSA) has decided to issue the Bojanala Softball League full rights and recognise the body as an official province.

The Tshwane-based league has been in operation for eight months, after quitting Softball Gauteng North last year.

They have been trying to get recognition as an independent province from softball's governing body, and were awarded the rights at a meeting held in Pretoria on Saturday.

SSA president Guillo Marapyane said though the association was concerned about certain issues, those were adequately dealt with.

"We have taken into account that there are teams in the BSL League that are not within their allocated political province, but we have decided to make the development of softball a priority.

"While BSL is a stepping stone for them, these teams must in time establish their own domestic leagues," Marapyane said, referring to Ekangala, a team based in Mpumalanga that is affiliated with BSL.

He also said his association hoped that Bojanala would spread its wings and include teams from as far as Mafikeng.

"In the past we had teams there, but they ceased to exist because they were neglected, but we hope that because of Bojanala, they will start to operate competitively once more.

"With regard to Mpumalanga, we will be sending a development officer there on March 3.

"The officer will look at the possibility of helping them establish their own league," said Marapyane.

BSL spokesman Precious Selomane welcomed SSA's decision.

BSL results:

Women: Jets 19, Sprincos 1; Generals 7, TUT Rand 1; Jets 5, TUT Rand 1; Generals 4, Sprincos 1.

Men: TUT Soshanguve 20, Sprincos 1; Jets 4, Royal Saints 3; Generals 10, TUT Rand 4; Unicorns 12, Ekangala 1; Jets 23, Ekangala 1; Unicorns 10, Royal Saints 3; TUT Soshanguve 10, TUT Rand 1; Generals 2, Sprincos 0.