Fresh meets his match

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

Five-striped tackies K-Swiss has announced that DJ Fresh will be the official ambassador of the brand.

Fresh has an array of endorsements under his belt, having launched his company Big Dawg Productions and founded such initiatives as the Rollback Xenophobia campaign and 5FM's DJ Fresh Annual Scholarship.

An excited K-Swiss South Africa brand director, Jeremy Nel, told Sowetan that the partnership between Fresh and K-Swiss will help improve the visibility and street appeal of both these icons of urban culture in South Africa. He said the collaboration will no doubt escalate K-Swiss's growth within the fashion footwear industry.

"Since its introduction in South Africa in 2005, the brand has steadily positioned itself as the sneaker for streetwise urbanites and trendy fashionistas alike.

"We aim at building and amplifying both K-Swiss and DJ Fresh as leading South African brands," he said.

Nel said that Fresh will act as the face of K-Swiss on billboards, and in print and broadcast advertising in the coming months.

"K-Swiss has attracted a huge following among urban youth and we are ready to take the brand to the next level through this partnership with somebody of Fresh's calibre and status," he said.

A self-confessed tackies freak himself, Fresh said that despite the numerous sponsorship offers he received through his status as an entertainment icon in South Africa, the K-Swiss collaboration appealed to him because of the brand's global influence across the urban market.

He said he was not only looking forward to the undeniable perks of this new collaboration, but hoped that the venture would allow him to continue his social responsibility causes, using K-Swiss as a vehicle for change among young people.

"I'm obviously hoping they'll come on board over and above whatever we'll be doing from a marketing perspective," he said.

Fresh said there are many companies, primarily sporting brands, that are trying to branch into the urban tackies market and not doing so successfully.

"K-Swiss, on the other hand, does it credibly no matter where you are on the planet.

"I just think it's a good, mutual partnership in terms of the people both brands are trying to reach.

"I guess I'm perfect for what they're looking to do because I've managed to appeal to various markets in the country - across all races, ages and various social groups. It's just a good match."