Men arrested for cooking dog

Sakhile Mokoena

Sakhile Mokoena

A warrant of arrest has been issued for one of three Mpumalanga men accused of killing a neighbour's dog and cooking it into stew.

Elvis Phiri, 38, did not arrive in the Matsulu periodical court and the case was postponed to March 12.

Phiri together with Ellias Tshukudu, 48, and Domingo Nkuna, are accused of snaring a neighbour's dog, skinned it and cooking it into stew which they ate during a drinking spree, in August last year.

The suspects from Matsulu near Nelspruit were arrested after members of the community alerted police about people who killed dogs in the area.

When police rushed to the scene they found the three sitting around an open fire with a pot of boiling dog meat with some ribs of eaten meat on the side.

When police inquired what meat were they cooking the drunken men said it was a jackal they caught in the bush.

The suspicious cops searched around and bumped into a dog's head and the three were arrested.

There was also a shallow grave where the suspects had buried the dog's skin and another dog head was found buried.

The dog head was identified as that of that of Rex, neighbour's dog who went missing the previous day.

Police said the men had used a snare (trap) to catch Rex and bludgeoned him to death with a hoe before skinning and cooking him.

The three are out on R500 bail each and are facing a charge of cruelty to