Experts needed

I could not help grouching "there we go again" when I watched the SABC's highlights show, MTN Soccer Zone, last Monday.

I could not help grouching "there we go again" when I watched the SABC's highlights show, MTN Soccer Zone, last Monday.

It might look a little early to start musing over the sensitive issue of player of the season, but the show must be commended for broaching the subject so we can deal with any potential gaucherie with enough time in our hands.

And boy, indications are we do have issues to deal with. Really, we cannot sit back and allow the cock-ups of the past few seasons.

Up front, this is not a cheap shot at new host Walter Mokoena whom I think is a likeable fellah.

I have been one of those clamouring for a fresh face and ideas on the show whose real potential still lies untapped.

In fact, Mokoena should be lauded for getting most of us off our backsides to throw our two-penny's worth in the debate.

It has to be pointed out, though, that something went wrong in how the issue was presented.

It might not have been flawless, but I reckon a panel of experts should have been invited to present candidates and publicly defend their argument.

That would have certainly broadened the scope for debate in a build-up to consensus rather than throwing some candidates to the public. Some of the choices - at best - pointed to a lack of proper research and - at worst - the malice that has left a cloud of controversy hanging over past winners.

Kaizer Motaung Junior, Siyabonga Nkosi, Suprise Moriri, Moses Spandeel, Lefa Tsutsulupa and Jose Torrealba? Well, I can only go with only two from that list, Tsutsulupa and Spandeel.

For starters, few would argue Godfrey Sapula is currently the best player at Sundowns and the man of the match awards he has amassed, attest to that.

Lucas Thwala is currently buzzing at Pirates and, no doubt, the best defender in the league at the moment at both full-back and central defence.

Have we suddenly and conveniently forgotten young Thuso Phala of Silver Stars. What must Bhamuza Sono do to finally get recognition, disown his father maybe?

Teko Modise (SuperSport), Paulo Matola (Black Leopards), Rowen Fernandez (Kaizer Chiefs), July Mahlangu (Benoni) and Ajax's Clifford Ngobeni fully deserve to be on that list.

Let us not forget, we are talking here the best player, not the top goalscorer, not a player in the best performing or most popular team or even a sentimental favourite.

Still on the show, I think they should revert to the past format where TV ref Sylvester Ndaba - whom I respect as an expert - is engaged by someone rather than delivering a sermon lest he starts being perceived to be there to protect the referees' brotherhood.