Get ready to be cool

Pumza Fihlani

Pumza Fihlani

The heat wave, which has baked large parts of the country in the past few days, should begin to subside later today.

Gauteng, North West, northern Free State, Limpopo and parts of the Northern Cape have experienced sweltering conditions this week, with some areas experiencing temperatures in the mid-forties.

Today's temperatures will range between the high twenties and the high-thirties.

In Gauteng, Johannesburg's maximum will be 29 degrees, Pretoria's will be 32 degrees and Vereeniging's will be 31 degrees.

Weather forecasters have blamed Cyclone Favio, which hit the coast of Mozambique yesterday, for the heatwave.

Cyclones suck in moist air as they sweep along their path, resulting in extremely hot conditions in adjoining areas, a Pretoria weather forecaster told Sowetan.

Cyclone Favio has begun to make itself felt in Mozambique with winds of up to 200kmh uprooting trees and destroying houses.

Heavy rainfall and strong winds from the cyclone, a category four storm, are likely to be felt in parts of KwaZulu- Natal.

It is expected to get progressively cooler from today and weather conditions throughout the country are expected to be back to normal by Wednesday.