'I was gang-raped by Jinxela and others'

Khanyisile Nkosi

Khanyisile Nkosi

Swaying back and forth in the witness box, a woman yesterday described how two men pinned her to the ground while Gauteng's alleged serial rapist, Mongezi Jinxela, raped her.

When he was done, Jinxela looked on while his alleged accomplices took turns at raping her, she said.

The 12th witness in the marathon trial told the Johannesburg high court that she was walking towards Highgate shopping centre in Industria when Jinxela and three other men travelling in a yellow Venture stopped their car in front of her.

"They asked for directions. While I was giving directions the car door opened and someone grabbed me and pulled me inside the car. I was pushed down so I couldn't see where the car was going," she said.

She said she later learnt that she had been taken to a mine dump off Main Reef Road, not far from Highgate shopping centre.

"Three guys came out of the Venture with me and the driver left. The accused appeared to be the kingpin because he was giving all the instructions. He told me to cooperate because he would kill me if I didn't."

She said after the rape Jinxela took her cosmetics, earrings, cellphone and money.

"He instructed me to wait there for 20 minutes. After they had left I started running. I ran until I got to New Canada Station," said the woman.

"I couldn't remember my mother and my sister's telephone numbers.

"Eventually I remembered my uncle's number," she said, tears rolling down her face.

Jinxela, 38, is alleged to have raped 65 women in 10 years.

His alleged reign of terror ended in 2004 when he was arrested and charged on 261 counts, including 71 rapes, 64 kidnappings, 62 aggravated robberies and 61 assaults.

He has pleaded not guilty to all the charges.