The stink from inner city building is a health hazard

As I write this letter my heart is bleeding with pain and shock.

As I write this letter my heart is bleeding with pain and shock.

I work in one of the major South African banks located in Johannesburg's city centre.

I would like to tell you about the big stink that me and my co-workers are subjected to daily. The stink is from an abandoned building in Commissioner Street.

The building is now occupied by squatters who live under appalling conditions. We are forced to inhale polluted air from the stinking sewage water running out of this building.

The building does not only subject me and my colleagues to this hazard, but also many other people. The area is a hive of activity because there are also government offices located closer to the building.

The worst is that most people who work in the area have to buy food from outlets next to this building.

Our lunch break is the most difficult because we have to put up with this unbearable smell while waiting for our food to be ready.

While we may sympathise with the occupants of this building for being homeless, their continued occupation of this building is a serious health hazard.

The council has a duty to attend to this as a matter of urgency.

I cannot believe that until now the council has not dealt with this problem.

The council must urgently deal with this problem because our health is at risk.

Edgar Debeila, Johannesburg