Mothobi Seseli has not missed a single heartbeat on his journey to success

Thomas McLachlan

Thomas McLachlan

With the great dreams of youth now firmly entrenched as reality, Mothobi Seseli, 36, has not missed a single heartbeat on his journey to becoming the managing director of his successful firm Argon Asset Management.

When asked what his highest moments were, he responds, "There have been a number. The most significant though would have to be growing my business beyond its break even level in such a short space of time."

The company that Seseli started in April 2005 reached R1,7billion worth of assets under management in just 16 months. Now six months later the company is flirting with the R2billion mark.

While Seseli's school life was fraught with a lot of moving around, he was a balanced pupil who through hard work secured himself a scholarship to All Saints Senior College in the Eastern Cape. He then went off to study economics up to masters level at various universities around the country.

"Economics is a fascinating subject; I believed that with an understanding of how economies and financial markets work you are better placed to understand the behavioural patterns of individuals, organisations and states," he says.

Even though he has a heavy workload, Seseli still finds time to read books on investigative material and espionage. "I am the sort of person that reads three or four books at the same time," he adds.

He is currently trying to find the time to complete a multidiscilinary doctorate, covering economic, social and financial elements. This is purely a personal aspiration and he says "there aren't enough black people generating research and thereby contributing to the advancement of knowledge".

As humble as he is pragmatic, Seseli admits to having failed many times, but learning a lesson from each mistake. His particular weak spot, he believes, is that he is a very trusting person. "I have suffered numerous times as a result of this, where people abuse this trust," he says, adding that this has taught him to always have clear goals and plans so that "you are not ever derailed".

He advises young people to spend time reading and developing their unique offering to the world. "Seek to master your craft through hard work and you will become lucky. That, in my view, is the best investment you can make as a young person," he says.