Majimbos in need of help

The Safa honchos never cease to amaze.

The Safa honchos never cease to amaze.

There were celebrations and ululations when Majimbos qualified for their second consecutive African Under-17 Championships finals.

Naturally, one would have expected Safa to immediately start with the final preparations for the finals in Lome, Togo.

If it were Bafana Bafana or the Under-23s, people would have been sent to Lome to finalise training camps and other related matters.

The South African Under-17 national side start their campaign with a tricky clash against hosts, Togo, on March 10.

While the other seven countries are in the process of wrapping-up their preparations, Majimbos have had only two insignificant training camps.

Insignificant in the sense that the technical staff did not get all the key players for the for the camps, which lasted a mere six days.

Safa have spent the past two weeks trying to sort the issue of coach after Doctor Khumalo, pictured, asked to be excused between March 17 to 24 because he is getting married.

Safa had no choice but to get another coach, considering that Majimbos have a good chance of reaching the knockout stages.

It came as no surprise that Serame Letsoaka was on Friday recalled as coach of the team he started, a decision that Safa should have taken long ago.

My argument is that Khumalo wrote to Safa last month, but for some unknown reasons the matter did not get the urgency it deserved.

At the same time, Safa wasted a lot of time sorting out the budget for Majimbos until Friday. An estimated R900 000 will be used in this regard.

Another problem is that Majimbos, despite the FNB sponsorship, go to some colleges for camps in a move that Safa said was aimed at cutting costs.

It has come to our notice that players from junior teams are given shabby treatment in comparison to their seniors when it comes to accommodation.

Safa is also likely to regret Majimbos' late start for preparations because this might nullify the national Under-17s' chances of qualifying for the World Junior Championships.