Space could have been better used

I am a regular Sowetan reader and I am concerned about some of the articles in the newspaper.

The article about lonely women such as Zama Ngcobo on February 12 is irrelevant for many readers. All that space about a woman looking for a man could have been put to better use with nation- building articles.

Sowetan must cater for us, the readers, not to please its celebrity friends. Those who think they are celebrities are abusing their contacts in the media by parading their loneliness. There are many people who are desperately looking for partners, and that is not news.

Let's have stories about real people, ordinary South Africans who are working hard and who deserve recognition.

Give us real news. Stop publishing boring stories about who dumped who and who needs who.

Being dumped and looking for love is what most people experience every day, anyway. So who cares and wants to know about issues of that nature?

Ngcobo must get a life and must stop thinking that the nation is interested in her love life. And this goes for all the others who think like her.

Give us stories about HIV-Aids and other pressing issues. We need real news please.

K Marishane, Limpopo