Schabir ordered back to prison

Pearl Rantsekeng

Pearl Rantsekeng

Troubles seem to be never ending for convicted fraudster Schabir Shaik.

Yesterday Correctional Services Minister Ngconde Balfour ordered that he be removed from St Augustine's Hospital and sent back to prison.

Balfour said he had decided to remove Shaik from the hospital after viewing the reports of two private practitioners and a third report by a departmental doctor.

But the convicted businessman is not going back to Qalakabusha Prison, where he had been incarcerated. He is reportedly going to Westville Prison.

Shaik's medical aid, Discovery, said it would be investigating his R500000 claim for his 83 days in hospital.

His bed costs alone are reported to have totalled R150000.

Earlier one of Shaik's doctors had said the businessman was in no condition to go back to prison because he was entertaining suicidal thoughts.

lSapa reports that the Department of Correctional Services has forked out R27500 for a newspaper advert in which it defends itself against claims that it has given certain prisoners preferential treatment.

"Do not shout from the sidelines, submit evidence of wrongdoing to the minister, the inspecting judge and the Parole Review Board for corrective action," the advert states.

The department recently faced criticism over its handling of high-profile prisoners Tony Yengeni and Schabir Shaik.

"Recent allegations of preferential treatment for some offenders are probably due to being uninformed or motivated by other factors," it says.