Rapist taunts victim on phone

Khanyisile Nkosi

Khanyisile Nkosi

A woman yesterday told the Johannesburg high court that a man who forced her to kneel and raped her from behind later told her: "We will meet in court."

With tears rolling down her face, the woman, 27, described how Mongezi Samuel Jinxela, charged with the kidnapping and rape of 65 women, tormented her after the alleged rape in 2001.

Jinxela has denied all 261 charges against him, which include robbery, assault and escaping from custody.

The woman said she she met Jinxela in Eloff Street, near Ghandi Square in Johannesburg.

She said she agreed to go with him to his workplace when he promised her a job.

"We boarded a taxi and alighted at Highgate. We started walking towards the factories. I then saw that we were leaving the factories behind and were getting into the open veld.

"While we were walking, his face changed. He grabbed me by my left arm. He said to me that there was no employment offer.

"He asked for my chain, earings and money. After he took my handbag and my watch, he said to me that he wanted 'one round'.

"I thought of running away, but there was nowhere to go.

"I asked him to use a condom and he said I was mad.

"He asked me to undress and tried to insert his penis into my vagina while I was standing, but he couldn't because I am shorter than he.

"He then asked me to kneel down and inserted his penis into my vagina from behind."

The woman said she met Jinxela four months later in the Johannesburg CBD and he fled.

The woman said a series of telephone calls to her parental home followed.

"One Sunday, a man called and identified himself as Thami. He said that he was Jinxela's cousin. He said I should forgive Jinxela because he was a family man and was suffering in jail."

She said she later recognised the voice as that of Jinxela's.

"He eventually agreed that he was Jinxela.

"He said to me that we will meet me in court and started laughing," said the woman.

The trial continues.